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“My blog is carbon neutral” is an initiative started in Germany by the “Make it Green!” program. By creating this post about the initiative and emailing them the link to this post, they will plant one tree in the Plumas National Forest in California.

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The text below was copied from planet green, a Discovery Company web site.

On their website, Make It Green! explains that a study out of Harvard University shows that the average website is responsible for 0.02 grams of carbon dioxide emissions for every visitor. They then calculated that a blog with 15,000 visitors each month produces 8 pounds of emissions each year. Given that the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change estimates a tree absorbs about 20 pounds of emissions each year — though it is important to note that fewer emissions are absorbed in the tree’s first few years of life — even a blog with thousands of visitors a month can be carbon neutral by planting just one tree.

To date, Make It Green! has helped the Arbor Day Foundation plant about 350 trees in Plumas National Forest, a 1-million-acre forest in northern California that was devastated by forest fires in 2007 (88,000 acres of the forest was destroyed). The 350 trees is a good start, but eco-conscious bloggers can do their part.

How to Take Your Blog Carbon Neutral

  1. Write a blog post about this initiative and insert one of the buttons from Make It Green! in the post.
  2. Email the post’s link to Make It Green! at

That’s all it takes on your part. Once Make It Green! receives the link, they will plant a tree in Plumas National Park.

It’s important to note that Make It Green! will plant one tree for each domain. But if you’ve got a very popular blog with more than 15,000 viewers per month, you can e-mail Make It Green! to make sure your blog is indeed carbon neutral.

For more information on the project please visit the “What we do page” on Mach’s web site.

Who’s participating?

If you want to see which blogs we made carbon neutral you can browse through our participant list. Your blog is missing? Then let us know and we will make your blog carbon neutral too!

Who's participating?

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