No AT&T uVerse for you today!!!

Seinfeld's Soup NaziTuesday, March 30th, 2010 was supposed to be the big day for AT&T to install their new uVerse service in my home.

Well sadly, as the “Soup Nazi” on Seinfeld would say, “No soup for you!!!”. For me is was AT&T saying “No uVerse for you” … at least not today, we’ll try again next week.

About a week ago I signed up for AT&T’s triple pack bundle which includes digital TV, internet and phone service. I received several email confirmations from AT&T confirming that my service would be installed today. This morning I received phone calls from two different AT&T installers, one for the inside the home work and the other for the outside of the home work. At least AT&T is organized enough to coordinate having two installers perform the required work at the same time.

My problem started when the inside technician showed up at my home within the agreed to time window and told me that my voice service had been canceled! I asked him why and he said that his work order didn’t show why it just showed that it had been canceled. At my urging he called into AT&T’s support center to find out why my voice uVerse service had been canceled. On his second call into the support center (the first time the support center hung up on him) he found out from the VOIP support group that my voice service had been canceled because my current AT&T voice service has RingMaster enabled and RingMaster isn’t compatible with uVerse voice. I then said that this was no big deal, just cancel my RingMaster service (which I had enabled to receive faxes on my fax machine using a different phone number with unique ring pattern), but unfortunately this could not be done immediately. AT&T needs 48 hours to cancel the RingMaster service.

Fortunately the inside premise installer was very friendly and helpful. He took the time to schedule a new appointment for installation next week.

So at least, unlike Ellen who was banned from having soup for one year, I only have to wait one week.

My real issue with AT&T is why didn’t they notify me earlier that there was an issue that prevented a smooth conversion to uVerse voice. All it would have taken was a simple call or email alerting me to the issue and the problem would have been resolved prior to my scheduled installation time.


  • Art Peck says:

    HA! You made out better than a friend here in Jax. He bought the same package, canceled his Comcast, bought an HD over-the-air antenna for his guest room TV and patiently awaited the installers. At the end of the appointment window, they show up to tell him that he is too far from the repeater and they can’t install it because the QOS would not meet their standards! Now Comcast doesn’t want to let him reconnect under is old, and more favorable, plan!

  • HeatfanJohn says:

    I can only imagine. The good news for me is that the outside installer told me that I’m less than 500′ from the DLSAM (or whatever the outside AT&T equipment is called that provides the uVerse service) so I should get a good connection once it’s installed.

    I’m nervous as to whether I actually have a new appointment because I just got a strange automated call about rescheduling my VOIP service.

    Stay tuned …

  • Emily says:

    I’ve seen uverse in action and to be honest it blows comcast crappy customer service out of the water. So far my only complaint is that the appt is two and a half weeks away from the current date. Let’s hope for a decent speed at twelve mbps plus hd tv. Will be updating.


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