Twitter tip – How to remove a saved search that returns no results

If you have a saved search in Twitter that returns no results Twitter doesn’t allow you to remove or delete the saved search. To resolve the problem, all you have to do is to send a new tweet that contains the item that the saved search is looking for. If the saved search is for some hash tag that isn’t popular any more, just include that hash tag in a new tweet. Give Twitter a few minutes after you send the tweet for them to update all of their indexes and when you rerun the search your new tweet should appear in the results and Twitter will then allow you to delete the saved search.

This worked for me today. Here are the specifics of what I did. I had three saved searches that I couldn’t remove. I had the hash tag #amexgiftcard, the word “ch9live” and a search for all tweets to me “to:HeatFanJohn” (I guess I not a very popular recipient of tweets!). I therefore generated a tweet containing all of these items. My new tweet was “@HeatFanJohn Test tweet with #amexgiftcard & ch9live to allow me to delete these saved searches & to:HeatFanJohn – this worked @support !”.

Below is a screenshot of running the saved search “to:HeatFanJohn” right after I sent the tweet. As you can see Twitter hadn’t updated their indexes yet so my search returned no results and as a result Twitter didn’t include the link to remove the saved search.

After waiting a couple of minutes I reran the search and as you can see my new tweet showed up and I was then able to click on the link to remove the saved search.

Voilá! After clicking on “Remove this saved search”, my saved search was deleted!

Again, this method worked for me. I hope that it helps you. Perhaps Twitter will correct this problem soon to eliminate the need for this easy workaround.

Happy Tweeting!

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